SALLENT DE GÁLLEGO Sallent is located in a privileged place because this village extends to both sides of the river Aguas Limpias (clean water). It conserves a medieval bridge and some beautiful houses built in the traditional Pyrenean architecture, some of them dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. These houses preserved beautiful windows, doors and defensive towers, as Sallent was a fortified town in the sixteenth century. In the chimneys of many houses we can still find the scare-witches that village people used to protect their homes from sorcery for more than two centuries.
The Church of the Assumption, a Gothic style church from the XVI century built on top of the original Romanesque church, has been declared Historical and Artistic Monument. Inside the church the main Plateresque altarpiece is particularly noteworthy, made by Juan de Lanuza, Justicia de Aragon (people’s defender). Do you have any doubt?
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