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Formigal's legend There were two gods living in the valley, Anayet and Arafita, honest and hardworking but disregarded by the rest of gods as the poorest ones of the place, but they didn´t mind as they were grateful and happy to have their graceful, innocent and incredibly beautiful daughter: Culibillas. They had been asked for her hand in marriage many times but Culibillas had rejected every single suitor for living next to her family and the animals of the forest (white ants were her great playmates). Life was calm and peaceful until the day Balaitus fell in love with Culibillas… Balaitus was the most feared and powerful god of the Pyrenees, He was tough and violent, master of thunder, lightning and storms. Even mountains trembled with fear when he was furious so nothing used to stand in his way until he felt in love with Culibillas... Culibillas rejected him as she had always done with every single one of her large previous suitors and Balaitus, full of anger, as it was the first time he didn’t satisfy his desires, swore to kidnap the girl. Anayet and Arafita, afraid of losing their daughter, didn’t really know what to do to avoid such a terrible revenge… According to the leyend, Balaitus showed up in three strides with the firm intention of carrying out his evil plan. Even astonish mountains didn´t dare to defend the gorgeous and hopeless young goddess… Feeling there was no way out Culibillas shouted for help: “Ants!!!”… In few minutes millions and millions of white ants come and started completely covering her body. Balaitus, terrorized by the horror of this situation, scampered away. Culibillas, full of recognition and friendship, drove a dagger into her chest to keep her little friends forever in her heart. Her open chest is today a sinkhole in Foratata rock and local people assure that you can listen to the goddess heartbeats when you walk along the valley. They affirm as well that, from then on, there are no white ants in Formigal; as they all are still with Culibillas.