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Aprox. 3-4h We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes with you can hike. Moreover, please bring a small backpack with water, snacks, a hat and a raincoat. If you have some, don´t hesitate to bring a pair of binoculars!
Each visit or tour can be tailored to customer needs. Clean water
SALLENT – EL SALTO The excursion begins with a tour of Sallent de Gallego, over the course of which we will learn about life in the Pyrenees, including local traditions and popular legends.
Our tour guided will also discuss the village’s architecture and its French influence. Finally, we will take a look at the beautiful altarpiece found in Sallent’s 16th century church.
From Sallent, a trail running through the forest and its local vegetation will bring us to a viewpoint, from which we can rest and admire the waterfall of El Salto.
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